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Just a day or two more

Well, as is obvious, I’m late with my post. There are two reasons: one, it’s brutally hot and humid around here now, making me useless at a keyboard, and two, I’ve gotten into the doctoral program I wanted, and have been a bit busy taking care of paperwork and the like.

I’ve gotten a bunch of hits for Seawise Camden, which I find lovely and amusing. I’m glad I gave them a positive mention, as they definitely deserve it, and are just starting out in their Stable Market location.

So. Next will be Day the Fourth, which comprises Westminster Abbey, Parliament, and the Museum of London. I don’t really have photos from the Museum of London, but I have a few from the prior two places. To make up for a lack of posting, I’ll show you a couple here.

Plants growing in cracks in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey

In the cloisters of Westminster Abbey, I found these little plants growing from cracks in the stone. They charmed the heck out of me.

Palace of Westminster clock tower

I know that neither the clock nor the tower are called Big Ben. It's the bell that chimes the hours. I'm pretty sure that globe was once, a hundred or so years ago, a proper gaslight. Which makes me squee.


Minor delay, full post up soon.

So I’m already several days behind. The next post shall be Day the Fourth, which was Westminster Abbey, Parliament (a cool little adventure there!), and the Museum of London, an unsung hero of London’s museums.

That last part sounded weird, didn’t it.

Anyway. I had a lovely dinner tonight with a friend of mine, and it’s already 1 AM, and I want to visit the National Museum of the Middle Ages here in Paris before I get on the Eurostar for London tomorrow afternoon.

But because I’m not entirely heartless, here’s a bonus Stonehenge photo from the iPhone (all the photos in the previous post were from my proper real camera).


Yes, it's Hipstamatic. I know I should be doing the work myself by adjusting aperture and shutter speed and doing post-production on my own with PhotoShop. But this just takes a click! And it came out quite handsomely, I think.

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