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Words that stopped me

So, in vague connection with my doctoral work, I stumbled upon game writing. Blogs, mainly, talking about games, being a gamer, the big things at the moment like the unacceptable ending to Mass Effect 3 and the enormous disappointment of the rape-as-tougherning-up strategem in the Tomb Raider reboot.

I have to think about these things critically, now. I’m mining them for direction, for hints, intuition. There are answers out there that will help me sharpen up my final project. And I need to wade through this stuff, good and bad.

Now, before I started reading up on these things, I never knew the name Tim Rogers. He’s a video game developer (and founder and director of action button entertainment — not a member of You Am I) who writes the occasional entry for Kotaku. He rambles — and when I say “rambles,” it’s not in the pejorative. He ties every aside with a gossamer thread like spider silk; subtle, invisible, but strong as a mofo. As I read through his articles, I found myself sharing many of his viewpoints. But what got me completely was the heart in his written thoughts.

And this line in particular stopped me dead (see whole article here).

“Labeling anyone for any reason, in any capacity, is a misdemeanor of the heart.”

I — I just — this should be required learning for everyone. Honestly.



Okay. One of the reasons I’m running behind on posts around here is because I’ve just been accepted into a doctoral program and my brain is a splode. Which is okay, really, because while there’s detritus and neural shrapnel hanging around, I’m still relatively in control of things.

It just means other things fall a bit by the wayside. (I aim to finish up my travel recap by the end of this month.) So I try to take care of these things piecemeal, here and there, as time allows. One of those things is continuing to fill in the Ars Magica campaign I’m still planning on running.

And to that end I have found The Medieval Bestiary, which has totally made my week. Not only does it help engender a medieval atmosphere in the thinking that I’m doing, the beasties are absolutely fantastic. Even the mundane ones. For instance, the pelican kills its young and revives them with its blood.

But for real fun, I’ll leave you with the Bonnacon (also known as a bonasus). This will somehow make an awful, awful appearance sometime. I’ll be sure to relate the results.

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