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In Paris! Now, for a shower.

Better connectivity here, but I don’t want to eat up daylight composing things on the netbook. Firstly, I need a shower. There will be mention in the future of my evaluation of hostels v. hotels.

Briefly: I am not keen on unisex showers.

Anyway, I’m in a proper hotel now, so I’ll be scraping off the filth I’ve accumulated in the past day or so. Then, off to explore, maybe check out a museum. Tomorrow is dedicated to the Louvre. I’ll post some things tonight. Honest.


Connectivity? Not good. WordPress? Giving me agita.

I haven’t forgotten about the blog, I’m just having a heck of a time staying connected long enough to upload things, and once I’m here, getting WordPress to give me a break and actually post what I write.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Paris for two nights. I’ll try to finish and clean up composition of yesterday’s Windsor, Stonehenge, Bath entry, and today’s Westminster Adventures entry. With any luck, The Hotel Victor Masse will have better connectivity and WordPress will be less fickle by tomorrow.

Also: my hotel is on Rue Victor Masse. That one. That’s in Pigalle. That Pigalle.

Paris promises to be nothing short of interesting…

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