Unpleasant news

No easy way to say it; there’s illness in the family, and it’s very serious. I’m in the process of getting myself from Australia to the US. My mind is in a lot of places, and while I value this blog and my readers (doesn’t matter if there are only a few), my time needs to be spent elsewhere for the immediate future.

I do owe you all some photos. I have some nice ones that I really like, and I feel like sharing. Sharing helps me feel better, for reasons I can’t completely grasp. Most moments right now I’m just trying not to burst into tears.

In happier news, got my ID for university. I’m really proud of it, really pleased to have it. I need to go to campus in a few minutes to get my e-mail and system logins activated, but the IT help desk is open till 9:45. Convenient!

Anyway. Have some lovely pictures.

From a trip to Cairns. THE MOST DRAMATIC BANANAS IN THE WORLD. They look like they're about to broker a deal with a drop-dead gorgeous blonde who's not in as much trouble as she claims.

On our way back from the Great Barrier Reef, off Cairns. Tropical paradise, yes; astonishingly destructive humidity, too.

A bit more of the tropical shore. It was a beautiful day, still a bit in the off-season.

A fountain in downtown Cairns. (You can tell I'm American, I say downtown instead of town centre.) I love high-speed photography, and sometimes I manage to get an image I really like. I'm a fan of fountains, can't you tell?

Before I went to Europe, I visited my family on the US east coast, and my friends in NYC (where I lived for nearly 14 years before coming to Oz). This is Queens, looking east-northeast off the 7 train platform.

Happy accident from fooling with manual focus. I like this shot very much and can't say why. It's just visceral for me. It's a cornerpiece on the Chrysler Building, FYI.

The Time Warner -AOL -WhateverTheHellItIsNow building, twin towers off Columbus Circle, went up just as I was heading out. I never really hung out around them. I had to visit WholeFoods on an errand for a friend, and caught the lights on the trees.

A close study of those same lights.

Fair play: the Chrysler Building's here, so the Empire State gets a shot, too. Taken from W 4th Street and 6th Ave, near the subway stop. When I went to university all those years ago, and the Twin Towers still stood, I'd use them and the Empire State to navigate and know where I was, at least in lower Manhattan.

I cannot explain how much I love neon. I love it beyond words. My header image is neon, the reflection of the Nathan's hot dogs sign in Coney Island, reflected off scalloped aluminum. This, however, is a close-up of Bigelow's Drug Store, which has been there forever.


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One response to “Unpleasant news

  • giazon

    Sorry to hear about your crisis. Having something happen to my friends or family while I’m on some mountain in the middle of nowhere is my biggest fear. Good luck with everything. (PS beautiful photos as always)

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