Is it cheating?

Is it cheating if I’m already back home, now, and still posting about my trip? I hope not. I do plan to cover every day, and add a quick note about the Tower. It was just getting too time consuming to compose, upload photos, and post every night while still getting enough sleep to be functional the next day.

I like to think that the posts will be better, in a sense, because I’ve had time to mull over my experiences. You may not get immediate raw impressions, but I don’t think that it’s that much of a loss.

Adjusting to being back home is both easy and hard. It’s easy, because it’s home. It feels like home. I missed my Mister, and I missed the boys (we have two cats, no human children). But going from European winter (however mild) to Antipodean summer is a bit off-putting to say the least.

Also, I’ll now benefit from posting off my proper desktop machine of madness (it’s the most advanced and able computer I’ve ever owned), instead of trying to fiddle with photos on a little netbook. This is not to disparage the netbook, as it’s small and light and very nice for traveling. I would have not done well with a full-size laptop.

Anyway, I have to get some paperwork to the university before the day’s out, but I hope to post one or two days more before the end of this one, for y’all’s reading pleasure. And because I feel like a chump if I don’t post a photo, here’s one of London in the wee hours of the morning. Man, I miss that city. I really do love it.

London in the wee hours

King's Cross Road, near Pentonville Road. Gray AM light, slick slate sidewalk. I love it. Absolutely love it.


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