Rowan owns up

So, it turns out that my third theory was the right one. Read more over at Harry Connolly’s blog, and be sure to follow his link to The Debrief’s November 10th entry, where Jeremy Duns posts (with permission) responses by Rowan to his questions. Duns’ post is long, but well worth the time; and be sure to read the comments, as that’s where many of Rowan’s responses lie.

It’s actually heartbreaking, reading the conversation. What Rowan’s done is wrong, and completely reprehensible, but it came from such a human place, from a fear I know I’ve shared, that I can’t help but feel a bit for him.  His career is ruined. I don’t even think he’ll be able to put out a tell-all book.

But the bottom line is he should have known better, and been willing to fail under his own aegis. Connolly explains it quite well in his post.

Now I await the legal fallout. I think it’s going to be a huge, long mess.


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