Third time’s the charm?

So, I’m trying the NaNo thing yet one more time. It comes in the middle of a lot of stuff happening in my life, mainly an attempt to get into a really nifty doctoral level program out here in Oz.

Things are looking good for the moment, so I’m feeling pretty upbeat.

This comes at the crest of what I feel is a wave of momentum geting myself back into writing — telling stories in whatever way I can manage. Hell, maybe I’ll throw a couple of photos on here. Who knows.

I know I promise all kinds of stuff here, and then go radio-silent for months, but instead of seeing this place as evidence of what I haven’t been doing, I’ll just make it a playspace for what I could be doing.

Maybe I’ll post a bit of the WIP for fun.


About incognitiously

A published author and a produced playwright, I'm someone who spends most of my time thinking about stories, writing them, reading them, watching them or hearing them. In short, I make stuff up, unless the truth is even better. And even then it's an iffy proposition. Currently researching the dialogic nature of transmedia storytelling for a Doctorate of Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology. View all posts by incognitiously

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