Time is like a greased fish.

Oh, I had such great plans. A post a week, maybe. More than that, when I was feeling really ambitious.

I expect a number of my posts are going to be about wrangling time management. I’m not very good at it, so I’ll be welcoming suggestions from whomever is kind enough to offer.

Part of the problem is a sense of a lack of subject matter, or of a smallness of opinion. Both are nonsense. There’s tons to talk about when it comes to stories.

So, in short, the lizard part of my brain says it’s all overwhelming and can’t cope and puts things off until it’s mid-May fercryinoutloud.

In the next few days (I’ve put in alarms and reminders and set aside times and dates on my calendar), I’ll be outlining just what I want to do with this space, and what I want to say. To be fair, these things will be somewhat fluid. I’ve got a lot of interests, and stories are part and parcel of everything we do. I’ll tackle advertising, RPGs, and more “traditional” forms of storytelling, like movies and books.

Hell, I might even tackle some stage plays. It’s about time I did something like that.

Anyway, this serves as a way to break the ice, let my reader(s?) know I haven’t entirely fallen off the face of the earth, and serve as a prod to my own sluggish lizard brain to start up some momentum and get things done.

See you in seven days or fewer.


About incognitiously

A published author and a produced playwright, I'm someone who spends most of my time thinking about stories, writing them, reading them, watching them or hearing them. In short, I make stuff up, unless the truth is even better. And even then it's an iffy proposition. Currently researching the dialogic nature of transmedia storytelling for a Doctorate of Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology. View all posts by incognitiously

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