Time and TV

Time management has never been a strength of mine. Anyone who knows me knows it’s unavoidably true. Aside from a nasty tendency to procrastinate, I also have little in the way of organizational skills. But one thing I’ve found that helps me just sit down and write is denying television.

It’s hard doing that; one of the places I’d like to break into is television writing. I feel like I have the right and obligation to watch a show or three, even when I have plenty of things to do. But in this age of the Internet, I have the option to watch things when I want to–when I properly have the time.

I don’t mean peer-to-peer, either. Broadcasters are putting shows up for live streaming so you can “catch up” on episodes, or just watch them again. Which is actually quite useful for analyzing a given TV script. But what matters here is that this gives me the freedom to say “no” to the TV. I feel secure in knowing that if I miss a show, it’s not the end of my chances to see it at all.

And that’s actually translated to a lot more TV-less time. It’s easier to say no even if there’s no immediately available alternative. TV means less to me, and I only have a few series that are appointment viewing. This frees up time for writing, and for taking in different kinds of stories–plays, books, graphic novels. And it’s a lovely thing.

So, with that said, I’ll bid you all a good night. Still plugging away at the NaNo book. I’m behind because of a nasty cold I’ve got that makes staring at a screen an unpleasant experience. But I hope it’ll be clearing by tomorrow. We’ll see.


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A published author and a produced playwright, I'm someone who spends most of my time thinking about stories, writing them, reading them, watching them or hearing them. In short, I make stuff up, unless the truth is even better. And even then it's an iffy proposition. Currently researching the dialogic nature of transmedia storytelling for a Doctorate of Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology. View all posts by incognitiously

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